Re-imagining Economics and Food

Can we design an economic system which rewards user/owners of a frictionless, peer to peer, multi-faceted marketplace?

A system that is ‘managed’ not by inefficient and competing organisations that extract profits from their users. But rather, by a highly efficient, Decentralised Autonomous Collective (DAC) with agreements written into its software code base. Agreements which function automatically, and can only be changed by agreement of its family of stewards. With its transactions recorded on an open, verifiable, not-needing-trust [blockchain] ledger.

This collective organisation can evolve through its members collective intention, to benefit the individual and the whole. The evolutionary process will be guided by the ‘baked in’ principles and values, and the rankings of its members. In this way, those who participate and contribute more to the organisation (stewards), get to help shape it more.

As the volume of trade grows, so will its economy, and as the economy grows, so its members will benefit by being rewarded with a (ranking based) share of that growth.

In a wonderful, virtuous spiral, proposals for the development of projects and apps that create more value for the members (and guests) of the system, can be discussed and improved upon, thus tapping into the wisdom of the crowd (community). When the crowd votes a project up, it will receive the financial backing to be implemented, and together everyone benefits.

We will start with the players in the food web: The growers, cooks, customers, processors, aggregators, transporters, advisors, etc.

It's time to flourish in this abundant world.

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